Simple Flat Stomach exercises

Most women (and men) would die for a flat stomach and this is where simple flat stomach exercises can come in use. Nothing looks worse than having a spare-tyre of fat spill over your jeans or bulge out under a sexy tight top or outfit. The problem is that you do not always have to be overweight to have excess fat around the waist - some women are unlucky in that any slightest amount of fat accumilates around their waist and stomach. However, if you follow some flat stomach exercises along with a sensible diet to help remove any excess weight you should be able to get the flat stomach of your dreams much more easily.

These flat stomach exercises are not enough for most people to get a flat stomach unless they simply need to tone-up a little. Most people who want a flat stomach also need to lose excess weight and no number of flat stomach exercises will remove excess fat. These flat stomach exercises will help you tone-up your stomach to make it firmer and more shapely. To get a flatter stomach, combine these flat stomach exercises with a sensible weight loss diet and exercise program.

Obvious flat stomach exercises are sit-ups. There are different types of sit-ups and abdominal exercises to get a flat stomach. Here are just are few:

Leg lifts: When beginning the exercise, you should be completely flat. Legs should be together and lifted to an angle of forty five degrees and hold the legs at this angle for a count of twenty. Lower the legs, rest for ten seconds and pull them up again for another count, only this time just count to fifteen. One more time take a rest and bring them back up and count to ten or until you can’t keep them at the forty-five degree angle any longer.

A variation on the leg lift is the vertical leg lift. While you will still remain flat on your back, the legs are lifted until your toes are pointed to the ceiling. Place your hand, palms down under your butt to hold your balance. Now for the hard part, using the lower abdominal muscles lift, rollup onto your arms and upper back by lifting your pelvis and extending your toes as far as you can towards the ceiling while keeping your legs straight.  Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Leg lifts are beneficial in the loss of fat as well. Short sets with the legs being held for a shorter period help to achieve this goal.

Should any pain occur in the back you should stop the lower ab exercises as this is an indicator of damage occurring to the back itself. Regardless of the amount of flat stomach exercises that you do, they will be ineffective without the loss of additional body fat. To find out more about diet and exercise needed to get a flat stomach, click here!